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We supply natural YaraLiva™ calcium nitrate from warehouses in Denver, Colorado to farms, greenhouses, market and hydroponic growers throughout the Midwest and Mountain States.

Quality Nitrogen-Rich Fertilizers for Healthy Crops

 Our fertilizers supply nitrogen in the nitrate form that plants prefer. Combined with the macro nourishment provided by calcium, calcium nitrate gives your soil important nutrients in a form that high-value crops can most readily use. Your crops will have a higher tolerance for disease, insect infestation, and heat stress, and your overall yield can be expected to improve.

Our calcium nitrate is available in both solution grade and field grade formulations. You will find quality fertilizers appropriate for fertigation, foliar fertilization, hydroponic and ground application. These products can be used as a starter fertilizer or for side-dressing crops.


Quality Fertilizers Delivered With Customized Transportation Options

Calcium Nitrate Direct offers the convenience of ordering the quantities you need over the phone. We’ll even deliver direct to you! Our wholesale prices are good. Our service is the best.